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#969 Emilio Estevez. by KoshzPoshz
Obviously, you pick Emilio Estevez. How could you pass up a chance to play basketball with the star of the hit 1980s films The Outsiders, The Breakfast Club and The Mighty Ducks? Also, you secretly always wanted to brunch with him.

Invite him for pancakes
Invite him for waffles

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#968 "Of course I'm in" and enter the cell? by KoshzPoshz

Suddenly, all 2 friends pop out their fangs, revealing themselves to be vampires. They thoroughly kill you.

Be a vampire
Be a ghoul

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#967 Take a nap by KoshzPoshz

Yes! That was definitely the right choice. Now, you can just dream yourself back into your jail cell!

Dream yourself back into your jail cell
Dream yourself into Chris Tucker's bed

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#966 No. by KoshzPoshz

You don't know how you ended back up in high school, but you sure as hell want to get out. Hey! Remember that one film, Inception? Yeah, that one guy goes into the other guy's mind, and to get out he has to kill everyone!

Well, only one logical option.

Take a nap
Kill everyone

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#965 Throw eyeballs at Mel. by KoshzPoshz

Mel cringes away from the eyeballs' sloppy strikes. "How disgusting!" he hollers.

Take pity on him
Keep pelting him with your eyes

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#964 Do some smokin' hot mime tricks by KoshzPoshz

You start miming as hard as you can. First, you pretend you are leaning against the wall, but there isn't really a wall. Then, you pretend that you are trapped inside a large, invisible box, but you are only pretending that you are. Finally, you pretend that you are walking against a very strong wind that is pushing you back but there is actually no wind and you are lying.

A large crowd appears, desperate to enjoy your glorious art. "Damn!" screams former President Jimmy Carter. "That's some smokin' miming, and believe me, as a 2nd Class Troubadour in the Amarillo County Mime Coalition, I know miming!" You are overjoyed to learn that your favorite president approves of your miming.

The crowd, emboldened by Jimmy's forwardness, start throwing "cool 50's" (a hip prison nickname for $50 bills) at you.

Snatch up the cool 50's
Suck on former president Jimmy Carter's hand

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#963 Chill in the hospital with some sick celebs by KoshzPoshz

Who would you like to chill with?

Vanilla Ice
Mike Myers

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#962 Go for help by KoshzPoshz

You scream. "HELP!!! HELP!!! HEEELPPPP!!!! HALP HALP HALP!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAALLLLLP!!!!!!!!!!"

Some nice surgeons run over and pop your poor severed ojos back into their steaming sockets. You can see just as well as the day Ron L. Hubbard secreted you from his egg sac, or whatever. Well.

Chill in the hospital with some sick celebs
Do some smokin' hot mime tricks

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#961 Scream in terror. by KoshzPoshz

It looks like you're being terrorized by a Rival Ghost ! That's scary. You scream a lot, for a long time.

Try to kill the other ghost with your own scary ghost powers
Scream some more

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#960 vomit by KoshzPoshz

Tastes bad!

Scare some people
Take a nap

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#959 Try to drink out of the toilet. by KoshzPoshz

As you shove your head into the bowl and chug, you realize something wonderful. You are drinking not human waste and water, but that mouthwatering prison delicacy known as pruno! You drink up all of the fiery happiness contained in the bowl. All your strength is rejuvenated! You feel like you could wrestle a dragon.

Beat up some fools
Try to run for President of the Prison

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#958 Go into the pruno business by KoshzPoshz

You run into the black market. Your favorite celebrities are hawking their illegal goods, and other celebrities are tossing many clams into the sellers' pockets. Mel Gibson was right. There certainly is an audience for your fecally tinged moonshine. There is much screaming. You wonder what George Takei got into prison for.

Set up a pruno stand (like a lemonade stand but with pruno)
Set up an ominous tower (like Trump Tower or maybe those two towers in Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers but with pruno)

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#957 Stand in line with the other prisoners. by KoshzPoshz

The line is leading into a door labeled "Sausage Machine". The prisoners walk in as healthy, living people and walk out as dead sausages. The line moves up.

Stay in line
Run out of line, jump onto William Shatner's head and scream "They're turning us into sausages!"

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#956 Clint Eastwood, who is sitting on a bench, engrossed in polishing his six-shooter, (bullet-less, of course). by KoshzPoshz

You walk up to Clint Eastwood. "Need something?" he mumbles.

Scalp his face off
Act like a cowboy

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#955 Pull her screaming off of him. by KoshzPoshz

"Let me at him!" she screams. "That man stole my babies! He pretended to be the doctor, but he wasn't, and he whisked my children away to sacrifice to Xenu!"


Kick Tom Cruise
Punch Tom Cruise

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