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#1011 Except you fate and hope someone passes by? by Ripperley
Defeated and broken, you except that you likely are doomed to truly die here.
Hang on a moment.

Except you won't! Aha!
Accept your fate instead.

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#1010 Sit around and watch Sesame Street. by Ripperley

While coming up with your devious plan, the realization hits you that much as you could destroy this entire troupe of children on your own, so could any one of the prison's guards.
Defeated, you shuffle over to the blaring noise of a small 52 inch flatscreen television to bask in the daily happenings of Bert and Ernie.

Change the channel.
Invite the guard to watch too.

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#1009 "You think your plan's gonna work?" by yee



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#1008 Look for a way out by TH

You search around.

All the walls are blank and there is only one door.

There is a mattress on the floor in the corner, they can't even be bothered to give you a proper bed.

A large foul smelling hole can be seen in the corner, must be some kind of toilet.

The floor is rough under your bare feet, desperation fills you as you think about the next 15 years of your life after eating that poor child.

At least you're not hungry anymore.

You decide it's now or never, time is ticking...

Cut open and search the mattress for anything useful.
Investigate the Sh*t hole further.

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#1007 Keep hope alive by TH

Hope lives truly inside of you like a burning fire.

'I'm still beautiful' you repeat to yourself inside your head.

You realise that consciousness is now really only coming to you, if you can call it that.

You can't see, hear, smell, taste, feel anyting. At this point you are wondering 'do I even exist?'

You know that your in a full body cast because you can't move, or maybe you simply cant move your body and the numbness you feel is because all feeling has left you as your nerve receptors have all be burned out of your body.

You slowly begin to realize that in fact you may be paralyzed, blocked off from the outside world, a living brain inside a rotting corpse.

The words 'I'm still beautiful' begin to slowly fade away from you.

You simply tried too hard to be Nicolas cage, maybe this desire stemmed from 'A thousand words', 2012 was a crazy year.

you don't really know what to do know, all you are is your consciousness.

Revisit some of your greatest memories
Pray 'internally' that the surgeons will save you.

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#1006 Cry by TH

Geez that's a really disturbing sight, Mel is quivering in the corner, luckily you are unable to see it not having eyes and all.

You decide to stop now as its getting you nowhere.

You stand, almost slipping in the pool of tears on the floor.

"Get away from me!" Mel squeals clearly freaked out by your gross eye holes.

You reach out ahead of you, you can feel Mel's bedpost.

Try to get into bed and wake up from this nightmare
Turn around and feel elsewhere

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#1005 Walk up to the guard by rabidpeanut

the guard looks at you dead in your eyes

punch the guard
ask about the ducks

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#1004 "You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, wouldja?" by James Burton

"You're damn fucking right I would bro," Mel spits at you as he swiftly slips closer and closer to you. As the bags fall over in the saliva a bread roll tumbles towards the far end of the room. Meanwhile a second bag drops a banana in front of you. You figure you should grab something to defend you...

Grab the banana
Grab the bread roll

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#1003 Take a nap. by TH

You take a nap.

Being the most hated character in all of star trek the next generation, you are plagued by horrific visions in your sleep.

A bright light shines upon you from above, you look up, it is a nerd.

I am the ghost of star trek past, your a F*ck wad!

How wude!

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#1002 Use the shard as a knife against the guards. by Mikey

The first guard collapses, but you lose the shard in his fat.

Attack the second guard with your fists
Seduce the second guard

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#1001 Haunt Billy Crystal by TH

"Billy!" You yell as your soul is sucked into the abyss.

Despite claims that you are an atheist, you are in fact christian so right now you should be ascending to heaven.

Except you have unfinished business with flippin Mike from monsters INC.

"That F*ckin asshole, that just tears it! It's time for Harry to meet my fist!"

You ghost apparate to Billy, who appears to still be consumed in grief for Anne Ramsey.

"Billy!" you boom above his head, he jumps and looks around started. "You're a real Tw*t Billy!" you exclaim as Billy's ears start to bleed at your piercing cry, he sobs louder!

"Get a hold of yourself, your murderous psyco!" He ignores and sways from side to side, he has definitely lost it.

Posses Billy.
Leave him be.

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#1000 Scalp his face off by Toby H

You jump at Clint Eastwood, he yells and jumps to his feet ready to fight.

"come at me ya faceless b*st*rd!" he retorts, all other celebrities have now formed a ring around the two of you ready to for a fight.

Clint strikes first and produces a large gash on the side of your face, you realise his hands are in claws, he strikes like a wild cat.

Your hands are balled in fists, it is your turn...

Aim high
Aim low

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#999 <i>*Belch*</i> "I ate him." by Toby H

You smile a cruel grimace. And receive several more blows to the head whilst one guard screams and sobs in the corner.

You eventually black out.

When you awake, you are not back in your cell. You appear to be in some sort of solitary confinement.

There is a loud *Clank* and your cell door opens. "Ah!" the guard says "your awake", He gives you a dirty look as he shuts the door behind him.

"Due to your recent pursuit of cannibalism, We have positioned your in the solitary confinement unit, we don't know how a baby came into the prison but people are claiming to have seen you eat it. There will be a court hearing later today, from which if you are found guilty of eating the child you may receive another 15 years in prison, have a nice day." he makes like a bush and leaves.

Well sh*t, nice going Hannibal Lecter, what now?

Look for a way out
Meditate, find your inner peace

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#998 Beg for more by sssonik

"I never had Tom Cruise suck my dick before." Mel gasps, slightly exhausted after getting his hard member sucked by the famous scientologist.

"Well, why do you think I'm a scientologist in the first place?" you exclaim.

"You know Catholicism is just as effective for squelching homo desires. We utilize guilt!" Mel exclaims while doing the hail-mary-full-of-grace Catholic thing.

You think about this...

Renounce your faith in scientology
Double down on your Xenu-fearing religion

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#997 Kill Sean too. How much worse can this get!? by 3ncrypt10n80y

As you lunge at Sean,he deftly dodges your attack. Suddenly, you notice more celebrities around you, chanting fight, fight, fight! Sean Connery glares down at you, smirking. You remember, too late, that he is the 4-time winner of the celebrity fighting championships.

Attempt to fight Sean
Attempt to seduce Sean

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