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Make amends by picking her some flowers.

After finishing your milk and cookies you and Mel go outside looking for flowers. Mel flies ahead as usual and you follow. The Australian countryside is especially pretty today. "Look, kangaroo paw," he says. "Mom's favorite."

"Perfect!" You and Mel land and begin grabbing up as many as you can hold in your pincers. "Mom's gonna love these."

You rush home and hand the flowers to bug mom. "Oh, you boys are so thoughtful!" she says snatching them quickly from you. She forces her proboscis into the first flower and begins sucking away. It's dry almost immediately. She moves onto the next and then the next, devouring all of the sweet nectar quicker than you thought possible. "Oh my," she giggles. "Mommy got a little excited. You boys run off and play."

"Yes, mom," you say in unison.

Go play outside.
Go upstairs and find your bug dad.

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