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I seriously didn't hear what the guard said while he was monologuing . Ask him to repeat?

As the guard begins to speak, it sounds like he's repeating EXACTLY what he said last time.

"well you see, I am the first of...."

You wonder why he would repeat everything in the EXACT same tone and verbage such that you never need to pay attention. You're positive that if you ask him to repeat it again, he'll respond EXACTLY the same way. Furthermore, you're positive that if you were to just read the notes that you took the last time while not paying attention that you'll have EXACTLY the right amount of information.

It also occurs to you that this guard is WAY too convenient. From your previous acting experience you understand that he must be a villain forcing you to go kill monstrous other guards. What's in it for him? Why didn't he explain ANY of this, but was sooo willing to tell you all of the weak points of the other guards?


Something compels you not to ask the guard these simple questions and express your concern right now.
Something compels you not to kill the guard right now.

Obviously the next step is to set out to find the first guard
Ahem... i'd like to remind you that this is a sidequest and you'd much rather just get out of here alive... er... well... you want to get out of here at least.

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