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Ask Lucas how to go about tracking down and killing his buddies.

Obviously he's going to detail out a way for you to go about killing his fellow guards if you ask him outright. Otherwise, your only recourse would be to search through every room in a brute force method and hope that it doesn't require some application of an item that you would never think of. Like touching a certain bookcase, leaving the room and then touching the bookcase AGAIN in order to open the door.

As he rambles off all of the secret locations of the five different guards, you take down notes for each one.

-- Add Guard notes 1-5 to your inventory

Sometime while he's listening you get a chance to wonder to yourself "why, if these guys are supposed to be guarding people, would they be out of visibility"

Overhearing something from the guard you realize that listening might have been way important. You should read these at some point. They're probably really important.

I seriously didn't hear what the guard said while he was monologuing . Ask him to repeat?
Set off on your quest to kill guards # 1-5

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