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Sidle over to the window and get a peek at the action.

The two of you peer into Santa's bedroom. The covers are over Mr. and Mrs. Claus and the bed is bouncing. You and Bug Mel start giggling. You grab the window and, to your surprise, are able to lift it open. "Dude!" you say. "Watch this."

Mel giggles again, trying to stay as quiet as he can.

"Oh Santa, oh Santa!" you say in a high-pitched voice pretending to be Mrs. Claus. "Fuck me harder, Santa. I've been such a good girl this year." Mel's laughter finally explodes. Santa jumps out of bed instantly and starts shouting.

"You goddamn kids! I told you to leave me the hell alone." He runs towards the window. You quickly slam it closed and make a run for it.

"Wait up," Bug Mel says. "I wanna see what he's gonna do."

You both leap into the nearest tree and get a good vantage point. "Oh Santa!" you holler again. More laughter from the two of you.

Santa comes outside almost immediately. With the exception of his boots, he doesn't even bother getting dressed. His naked figure comes running towards you. He's carrying a shotgun.

"Oh, fuck I think he sees us," Mel says.

"No way." You wait quietly and Santa makes his way to the tree. He's right below you.

Fly away.
Attack Santa before he has a chance to shoot you.

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