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Wait to see what The Rza has to say.


You wait 7 years, RZA does not say a single thing.

Then you hear the jingle of keys, the warden has arrived at the cell door. "RZA?" he inquires, "yea cuz?" RZA responds.

"Your sentence is up, your free to leave..." he claims with a smile, RZA seems pleasantly surprised, "Aw sick!" he excalimes and leaves the room along with his crones.

'great, now how am i gonna get out!' you say to yourself, "Maybe I should have just made the move..."

You realize just how much time has passed, you can't even remember how long your sentence is? You approach a warden. "Excuse me, do you know how much longer I've gotta be here?", The guard stares at you with mock surprise, "But sir, surely you remember being given a 20 year sentence?"

You gasp "20 years" You are 98 and definitely don't expect to live that long...

"Fiddlesticks! any chance of letting me out early huh?", The guard chuckles and remarks, "FYI, I don't think you will leave this building ever again..."

You literally sh*t yourself, and instantly you know, tonight's the night to break out and live my life!!

You need to enlist people to help you on your daring escape, you walk into the dining room at lunch, two celebrities catch your eye.

Susan Boyle AKA subo
Anthony Mcpartlin AKA ant

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