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Q.What is Celebrities in Prison?
A.It is a user-written work of interactive fiction, of the pick-a-path variety. Imagine reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book, except the author never bothered writing any endings, and left a bunch of blank pages for you to write bits, and the book is lying on the couch in your dorm so anyone can add to it. It's sort of like that, except on the Internet. So you don't have to go back to college to participate.

"I give it my endorsement as amusing." --Alex E., San Diego
"It's pretty alright, I guess." --Oscar Wilde, London
"In Soviet Russia, this is good site!" --Patrick N., Soviet Russia
"<stony silence> <slams door>" --Shannon T., Berkeley

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Celebritiesinprison.com is a work of collaborative interactive fiction. Any similarity to actual celebrities, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Game experience may change during online play. All entries are copyright their original authors. We din' shoot nobody, we just made the gun!